V Dan Promotion

Mystic Eagle’s Instructor Mr Patrick Lee recently travelled to Dundee in Scotland on the weekend of 2nd - 4th September 2022 to undergo a training course and promotion exam.

After two days of tough training under the watchful eye of Grand Master O’Neill IX Dan, he took his 5th Degree Blackbelt Grading exam on the Sunday.

Mr. Lee was asked to perform ALL Patterns from his grade and several other Patterns from previous grades,  he then went onto different types of Sparring including some great release movements, finally demonstrating some great Power testing techniques which involved Finger Tips, Flying Twisting and Flying over head kicks

At the end of the grading announcements were made and he was proudly presented with his V Dan belt by Grand Master O’Neill the certificate itself is certified and approved and signed by Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha IX - the First Grand Master.

Designed by GMRO IX (2022)

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International Instructor

Earlier in the year Mr Lee travelled to Stonehenge to participate in a Pioneer Rhee Ki Ha approved ‘International Instructors Course’ with the aim to re-qualify as a full ‘International Instructor’

The course was held over the weekend of 7th & 8th May 2022 and was conducted on behalf of Pioneer Rhee Ki ha by Grand Master O’Neill IX Dan

After a tough weekend of selection Mr. Lee re-qualified as an International Instructor.