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60+ Keep Fit Stay Fit

KFSF Classes are for Adults Only, any age, any mobility. Even if you cannot stand unaided, there is always a version of any exercise which you can do! Our qualified, fully insured coach and trainer will guide you to your best version of you!

These ‘Keep Fit Stay Fit’ classes are designed to improve your fitness gently, but effectively. Helping you to gain better health and fitness in achievable steps and then to maintain that fitness once you achieve your goals.

These NEW CLASSES are being held in Lea. Contact us and bring a friend - get the first month at HALF PRICE…see details below.

FREE Opening Session Plus More . . .

1. When you come to the opening session - that will be a free session.

2. If you’ve shared and liked our page, and I’m aware that you are coming, by name, you will be able to claim your first month membership at a bonus price - Half-Price.

3. If you introduce a friend that comes on the first opening session both you and your friend will get the first month at the Bonus Half-Price rate.

We look forward to seeing you in July 2024 and please like and share our page.

If we know roughly Numbers, and with sufficient interest we are hoping to keep the full membership price down to £36 paid by your standing order.

This HALF PRICE OFFER will be only £18 for the first month if one qualifies as set out above in point 1. & 2.

We Are Starting in July 2024 .

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Starting 4th July 2024 - Lea Village Hall
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